Managed Services

As Operators are looking at innovative, cost-effective and integral ways of running their operations, HTN works closely with Wireless service providers to reduce their operating costs, establishing significant improvements in quality of service and ensure profitable growth through sound service delivery.

HTN’s strength in telecom managed services lies in its strong proven service quality in the management of its own over 2000 sites in Nigeria.

HTN’s managed services will bring new possibilities to reshape operator’s telecoms related OPEX, CAPEX and balance sheet entities, to ensure long term competitiveness and profitability.

HTN managed service is a third-party facilities management, monitoring and maintenance offering for wireless network operators. HMS provides Infrastructure professional management of sites owned by networks involving all activities to ensure 99.98 % uptime. HMS typically offers managed services for physical maintenance which includes:
  • Security
  • Power management (including diesel supply)
  • Provision of extra equipment cabinets for co-locating networks/tenants
  • Community relations management
  • Sites Monitoring to ensure guaranteed uptime
  • Maintenance of equipment including generators, batteries etc.
  • Regulatory management